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DokiDara and the Medevac from Asia – PART 2
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Alright, I know I had promised I’d post the next installment “tomorrow” — but an abundance of activities and some jet-lag seems to have gotten the better of me. However, I’m writing this next bit from within an awesome luxury bus from Singapore to Malacca, Malaysia, so I suppose it’s all working out well… Once […]

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Shwedagon Pagoda, Rangon Tea House & Day 1 in Myanmar!

After a nice, LONG sleep in my hostel, I woke up around 10am to begin my first full day in Yangon. As I’ve mentioned countless times, it’s near impossible in almost every place I was in Africa, to walk anywhere by yourself. Whether it’s safe or there are just street-touts, you. Are. Never. Alone. So, […]

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