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Visiting (and SURPRISE! Coaching!) Cape Town Rollergirls
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When you’re planning to leave home for an undetermined amount of time, on your own, to another continent… you tend to search out a few things that are going to be familiar amongst the deluge of new-ness that is about to become your entire existence. Also, if you have an addiction, you definitely try to […]

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Leaving My Roller Derby Team
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When I transferred to Garden State Rollergirls, I never imagined that a year and a half after I did, I would be leaving again. When I joined the team I was in a bad place, derby wise. I simply wasn’t happy – I thought I was a crap skater and a waste of time, and […]

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My First Podcast Interview – Get Up & Code with John Sonmez
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I recently was given the opportunity to be interviewed by John Sonmez on his Get Up and Code Podcast, because of my work at Infragistics and my lifting and roller derby involvement. It was my first interview, and luckily it was a joint interview with my colleague, Chris. Truth be told I was incredibly nervous, […]

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Just a Little Thing Called a WFTDA Sanctioned Bout!!!!!!!!
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Transferring to a WFTDA team, especially one in Division 2, was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in my derby career. This league is full of so many dedicated, hard working and talented skaters, any number of us could fill a roster of 14 on any given day. That’s why when the […]

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7(ish) Week Squat Cycle Review & Results
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Since I came back from my gigantic trip, I’ve felt completely off – my weight is down almost 10 pounds, I hadn’t been weight training with any consistency in about 3 months between work travel and everything else, and I just felt like a complete and total mess. I told all of this to my […]

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“Started From the Bottom…”
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Posting this announcement makes me both happy and sad… After four years of Roller Derby as a New Jersey Hellrazor, it’s time for me to move on. No, I’m not retiring… I’m GRADUATING! I’m so incredibly proud to publicly announce that as of July 1, 2014, I will be transferring to the Garden State Rollergirls!!! […]

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10 Reasons Why Today Was A Great Day
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Today was pretty flipping awesome for so so many reasons… here’s just a sampling of them… 10. I GOT TO TALK TO MY LITTLE TALI!! 9. Andy, Jason and I got to hash out a bunch of Neko stuffs. 8. Steak, green beans, and baby red potatoes for dindin. YUM. 7. I stopped being antisocial […]

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Traveling and Crossfit and Lifting
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Point blank, traveling and trying to keep up with your routine BITES. In the past few weeks, I’ve been on a weeklong trip to Houston & San Francisco, back to Jersey for four days, and then back to San Francisco for another week. And then back, with hives and a cold, which I attribute to […]

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