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October 2014 Check-In
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Yes, yes, I’m SO aware that it’s October 20th. HOWEVER, I did manage to take these stats down on the 10th, so I don’t feel that horribly bad. I do have a LOT of things to talk about though, so I need to get back on the wagon here. This week is my last in […]

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Conquering a Fear – Rope Climbs!
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I have to admit something…. I’ve been crossfitting since March of 2013 and I have never climbed a rope. Never. I tried once, maybe 6 months ago… My friend Lori (who has now become a spectacular L1!) was watching me and she made me stop halfway through because I couldn’t get the foot-lock down and […]

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September 2014 Check-In
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It’s monthly update time!!! September 2014 Health Stats   August September  Change Tracking Muscle Mass 36.60% 36.60% [+0.3 (This Month)] [+2.2 (From Start)] Body Fat 20.10% 19.90% [-0.2 (This Month)] [-3.5 (From Start)] Body Water 56.10% 56.30% [+0.3 (This Month)] [+1.4 (From Start)] Weight 136.6# 135.6# [-1 (This Month)] [-18.4 (From Start)]   PR Updates […]

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“…Maybe You Will Fix it in One Night”
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After finishing up my heavy squat cycle, my coach asked me what I wanted to work on next. I thought about it for a bit, and I decided that I thought the best move for me, next, would be to fix my strange “power snatch and power clean everything” affliction. Thus, I have dubbed this […]

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A Special PR
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While we were sitting around the box after class last week, I casually mentioned to one of the other CFN Girls that I didn’t know how to french braid. She gasped, appalled at my lack of athlete-hair-styling-skills. Then she proceeded to teach me. Because that’s what CFN Girls do — we help each other! Below […]

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7(ish) Week Squat Cycle Review & Results
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Since I came back from my gigantic trip, I’ve felt completely off – my weight is down almost 10 pounds, I hadn’t been weight training with any consistency in about 3 months between work travel and everything else, and I just felt like a complete and total mess. I told all of this to my […]

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10 Reasons Why Today Was A Great Day
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Today was pretty flipping awesome for so so many reasons… here’s just a sampling of them… 10. I GOT TO TALK TO MY LITTLE TALI!! 9. Andy, Jason and I got to hash out a bunch of Neko stuffs. 8. Steak, green beans, and baby red potatoes for dindin. YUM. 7. I stopped being antisocial […]

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Traveling and Crossfit and Lifting
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Point blank, traveling and trying to keep up with your routine BITES. In the past few weeks, I’ve been on a weeklong trip to Houston & San Francisco, back to Jersey for four days, and then back to San Francisco for another week. And then back, with hives and a cold, which I attribute to […]

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I Finally Made the Big Time!
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Holla at my first “you can tell it’s me”/”it’s not a group shot” photo feature on Crossfit Nassau‘s homepage! Happy 1 year crossfitaversary to me. Check it: …now I want to break my “it’s my rest day on Thursday” philosophy and go in and lift. BUT I WILL STICK TO MY TAPER PLAN. <3

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