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Trying Out the Biggest Loser Body Fat Scale

If you’ve been paying attention to my statistics posts, you’ll note that I haven’t lost any weight pretty much since I started crossfit back in March (I kind of hope I’m the only one who is paying attention to this, but you never know).

For those of you wondering about diet, I’ve been diligently tracking everything I’m eating, using loseit.com with a few of my friends (thanks, guys!), and to be honest, pretty much always staying in my target range. Granted, I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve been pretty darn close.

Anyhow, even though the numbers on the scale haven’t changed, my clothes are definitely fitting differently. In a good way. So, I decided that it was time to get a bodyfat scale, to try and figure out wtf is going on…

scaleboxSerendipitously, around when I was thinking about this, my mother had a coupon for a pretty sweet discount on overstock.com. I poked around and found that the Biggest Loser Body Fat Scale was listed on their site. Now, I’m a sucker. I LOVE the Biggest Loser – total guilty pleasure show. That in mind, I was immediately interested in the product, because, like I said, I’m a sucker. HOWEVER, I did my due diligence and read a bunch of reviews, and it had primarily positive commentary, with some realistic and negative ones peppered in.

So I bought it.

C’mon, you knew that was coming.

It arrived a few weeks ago, and my mom gave it to me for my birthday, because she’s awesome like that (thanks, mom!). I opened it the day it came, but I decided to be a boy about it and try to use it without reading the instructions.

That was a mistake.

The scale kept giving me a variety of error messages, so after about 10 minutes I gave up, rather than reading the instructions, because it was just that kind of day.

Fast-forward to this morning, when my roommate decided to do laundry at 7am and the wall vibrations woke me up an hour before my alarm. >.<

I was laying there when I realized it was weigh-in day, so I decided that instead of laying in bed being annoyed, I would get up and mess with the new scale. WITH the instructions, this time. scale

Once I read the instructions, setup of the scale was actually pretty darn easy. I set up my personal profile on the scale, which it will remember in a user number, so I don’t have to do it every time. I thought that was awesome and it will absolutely make my life way easier. Then I read that I had to wait until the scale zeros out BEFORE stepping on it, explaining the incessant errors I was getting when I first tried to use the scale. After the weight appears, the scale then flashes through your other stats, giving you a bunch of really awesome information. Of course, I hopped on and tried it out. Here are my first statistics:

Weight: 151.2

Muscle Mass: 34.9%

Bone Mass: 4.9%

Body Water: 53.7%

Body Fat: 23.6%

Now that I have a baseline, I can really try and keep track on my normal statistic days (the 11th of the month, for those of you just tuning in) and see where we go from here!


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